New LUX Search Tool Offers Unprecedented Access to Yale’s Vast Collections

A surface of turquoise bricks on which a lion, with a white body and amber mane, is represented in profile facing right. The animal bears its teeth, its mouth open wide, and appears to walk on a single row of bricks. Its feet, along with other elements, are rendered in relief, projecting toward the viewer.

Lion Relief from the Processional Way, Babylonian, ca. 605–562 B.C. Glazed brick. Yale University Art Gallery

Yale introduces LUX, a groundbreaking custom search tool for exploring the University’s unparalleled holdings of artistic, cultural, and scientific objects.

Yale University’s museums, libraries, and archives contain vast troves of cultural and scientific heritage that fire curiosity and fuel research worldwide. Now there’s a simple new way to make astonishing connections among millions of objects.

Starting today, June 1, anyone can explore the University’s unparalleled holdings online through LUX: Yale Collections Discovery—a groundbreaking discovery and research platform that provides single-point access to more than 17 million items, including defining specimens of dinosaur fossils, illuminated medieval manuscripts, paintings by Vincent van Gogh and J.M.W. Turner, and the archives of Langston Hughes, Gertrude Stein, and other renowned literary figures.

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