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Past exhibition

Exhibition: Still Life: 1970s Photorealism

Still Life displays works from the Gallery associated with Photorealism—a movement comprising painters who took photography as their subject and sculptors who recreated the human body with surprising accuracy. A significant trend in 1970s art, Photorealism has sometimes been described since then as a more mechanical offshoot of 1960s Pop art. However, the works in Still Life make a compelling argument that Photorealists captured life in the 1970s with a grittier honesty than has previously been acknowledged. These works have renewed relevance as the ability of photography to capture “the real” has undergone dramatic changes and continues to develop in unanticipated ways.

John Baeder, Stardust Motel, 1977. Oil on canvas. Yale University Art Gallery, Richard Brown Baker, B.A. 1935, Collection. Courtesy of the artist and OK Harris Works of Art, New York, NY

Exhibition organized by Cathleen Chaffee, the Horace W. Goldsmith Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art. Made possible by the Janet and Simeon Braguin Fund.