Architrave of Sanwy-wen Maker: Unknown

2494–2181 B.C.

Ancient Art

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9 × 39 3/4 in. (22.8 × 100.9 cm)

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Anonymous gift

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Dynasties 5–6


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Andre Bircher, Cairo, 1920. Originally this piece no doubt came from one of the Old Kingdom mastaba fields near Cairo, most likely Giza or Saqqara.
  • Gerry D. Scott, III, Ancient Egyptian Art at Yale, 1st (New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Art Gallery, 1986), 50, no. 23, ill
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1. At the right of the architrave) Htp di nyswt htp di Inpw nb t, dsr hnty sh-ntr\r\n2. Top register) krst(i).f m hryt-ntr smyt imntyt i,w nfr wrt\r\n3. Bottom register) pr h.f hrw wpt-mpt Dhwtyt tp-rnpt W,g hbnb imy-r ts Snwy-wn\r\n4. Before Senwy-wen) nb im,hw hr ntr ',\r\n5. Behind Sat-merit) hmt.f s,(t)-mrt\r\n6. Between offering table and owner's figure) ht (n) t hnkt p't\r\n\r\n1. "An offering which the King gives, and an offering which Anubis, the lord of the necropolis, who is before the divine shrine, (gives):\r\n2. that he may be buried in the western necropolis, having attained a ripe old age,\r\n3. and that invocation offerings may come forth for him at the Opening of the Year, the Thoth Festival, the First of the Year, the Wag-Festival, and every festival. The overseer of the work crew (lit. troops), Senwy-wen."\r\n4. "One revered before the great god."\r\n5. "His wife, his beloved, Sat-merit."\r\n6. "A thousand (loaves) of bread, (jars) of beer, and cakes."

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