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Photo credit: Yale University Art Gallery
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Photo credit: Yale University Art Gallery

Athena, copy of Velletri type

5th century B.C. (original)

Marble, large crystal, possibly Thasos marble

statue without base: 243 cm (95 11/16 in.)
base: 16 × 85.09 × 71.12 cm (6 5/16 × 33 1/2 × 28 in.)
with base: 259 cm, 1179.35 kg (101 15/16 in., 2600 lb.)
Gift of deLancey Kountze, B.A. 1899
This colossal, now headless female figure is likely a Roman copy of a fifth-century B.C. Greek cult image. Some scholars have identified it as a copy in marble of a celebrated bronze statue of Athena sculpted by Alkamenes for the Temple of Hephaistos in Athens. Wearing the typical chiton (tunic) beneath a himation (mantle), she stands with her weight resting on her straightened left leg, while she bends her right knee. By comparison with another alleged Roman copy of the same Greek statue—the famous Velletri Athena in the Louvre—the Yale Athena can be reconstructed with a helmeted head, a raised right arm holding a spear, and a left arm held out in front of her body at waist level, with a phiale, or offering dish, in hand.
On view
Roman (copy)

Purchased in Italy ca. 1870 by Mr. Kountze's father


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