European Art
Artist: Master of the Magdalen, Italian, 1265–1290

Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints Leonard and Peter and Scenes from the Life of Saint Peter

ca. 1280

Tempera on panel

framed: 106 × 160.2 cm (41 3/4 × 63 1/16 in.)
University Purchase from James Jackson Jarves
This is a rare surviving example of a complete thirteenth-century altarpiece. The scenes at the sides, drawn from the legend of Saint Peter, read from left to right across the panel, starting from the top: Christ Calling Peter, Christ’s Charge to Peter, the Fall of Simon Magus, Peter Healing a Crippled Man, the Liberation of Peter, and the Martyrdoms of Peter and Paul. The presence of Saint Leonard to the right of the Virgin suggests that the painting may have come from the church of San Leonardo in Arcetri, just outside the walls of Florence.
Made in Florence, Italy
On view
Italian, Florence
13th century

James Jackson Jarves Collection, Florence, to 1871; Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Conn.


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