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Jazz Orbit in the making. The bike will be the focus of a Sidewalk Studio program on Chapel Street in front of the Yale University Art Gallery.


Studio Program, Sidewalk Studio

Jazz Orbit, Waillis Lee, and the Public Programs team
Thursday, June 16, 2022, 2:00 pm4:00 pm

In this Sidewalk Studio, listen to the sounds of Jazz Orbit and create your own drawings inspired by the music and by the music-loving artists in our collection. Jazz Orbit is a mobile music performance space seeking to elicit joy and drawing on local talent from the design, engineering, and music disciplines as well as community resources. An initiative by Waillis Lee, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, New York, Arts Activator Fellow at Yale-China, the bike-powered construction was fashioned with the help of Ryan Paxton, Director of the Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop, Hamden, Connecticut.

Sidewalk Studio, set up on Chapel Street in front of the Yale University Art Gallery, is an outdoor program that fosters impromptu art making on a drop-in basis. Generously sponsored by the Gallery’s Martin A. Ryerson Lectureship Fund. All are welcome. For more information about Jazz Orbit, go to  

Weather permitting.

Open to: 
General Public