Sketching in the Galleries

A person stands in front of an intricate sculpture within a gallery. They use a pencil to draw on a sheet of paper, affixed to a support, perhaps a clipboard. In the background, a video is projected on the dark-gray wall.

Under the direction of Yorùbá master carver Lukman Alade Fakeye (b. Ìbàdàn, Nigeria, 1983), the Fall 2022 Hayden Visiting Artist, Yale School of Art, a visitor joins an in-gallery drawing session in the exhibition Bámigbóyè: A Master Sculptor of the Yorùbá Tradition.

Inaugurated in 1867, Street Hall—today part of the Yale University Art Gallery—housed the first school of art in the country. Its curriculum permitted students from a variety of disciplines to sketch from live models and original works of art. Take part in this centuries-old practice by joining us for an evening of guided sketching at the Gallery. Materials will be provided. 

Generously sponsored by the Martin A. Ryerson Lectureship Fund.