Looking at Mondrian: Mondrian on the Rivers and in the Dunes

An abstract painting of a cloudy sky over water, seen from shore. The shore consists of only a few strokes of red and blue at the bottom of the image. The water is bluish purple in color, with hints of green and yellow near the shore. The same bluish purp

Piet Mondrian, By the Sea, 1909. Oil on cardboard. Yale University Art Gallery, Gift of Bruce B. Dayton, B.A. 1940

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In the first lecture of this four-part series, John Walsh traces Mondrian’s early development and his experiments, well into his thirties, with pictorial innovations that reached him from France. He describes Mondrian’s absorption of ideas from Theosophy concerning the human spirit, through which he came to understand abstraction to be the true art of the future. Generously sponsored by the Martin A. Ryerson Lectureship Fund and the John Walsh Lecture and Education Fund.

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