Lecture, “To Paint the Way the Spartans Spoke”: Gavin Hamilton’s The Death of Lucretia (1763–67)

Hamilton’s scene of a virtuous woman and her resolute avengers, taken from Livy’s history of the earliest days of Rome, was a model for later artists in its blunt eloquence.

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Let This Be a Lesson: Heroes, Heroines, and Narrative in Paintings at Yale

Lecture Six

In this semester-long lecture series, take a close look at eleven important paintings from Yale’s art museums representing scenes from history, myth, scripture, and literature. The lectures trace the tradition of history painting from the Renaissance through the 21st century, examining its rise to official dominance, its fall from privilege in the eras of Realism and abstract art, and its subsequent reappearance in contemporary art.

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Lectures are free and open to the public; no registration required.

* In addition, special discussion sections with Walsh and others will be held in front of the paintings on lecture days at 12:30 and 3:00 pm. Discussions on October 25 will be held at the Yale Center for British Art. Space is limited; registration required. To register, please call 203.432.9525.