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The Margaret and Angus Wurtele Study Center

The Margaret and Angus Wurtele Study Center is a state-of-the-art educational and research facility that offers immediate access to over 42,000 objects from the Gallery’s collection.

About the Wurtele Study Center

About the Wurtele Study Center

Located in the Collection Studies Center at Yale West Campus, in West Haven, Connecticut, the Wurtele Study Center is designed to inspire and accommodate object-based teaching and learning. It features several classrooms and spaces with large seminar tables that allow for the close study of collection material. The Wurtele Study Center is optimally positioned to foster collaboration; the Collection Studies Center is also home to the Gallery’s conservation laboratory and the Leslie P. and George H. Hume American Furniture Study Center, as well as the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and storage facilities for the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, the Yale Collection of Musical Instruments, and the Yale Center for British Art.

Visit the Wurtele Study Center

The Wurtele Study Center is currently closed to visitors and classes due to COVID-19.

Please direct inquiries about research or teaching remotely from the collection to the Wurtele Study Center Manager at roksana.filipowska@yale.edu.

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Wurtele Study Center Classrooms

Allan Chasanoff Classroom

Allan Chasanoff Classroom

The Allan Chasanoff Classroom holds a selection of works collected or made by Allan Chasanoff, B.A. 1961. Over the past six decades, the artist and collector has amassed numerous works, including photographs, book art, kanji seals, and neckties. For Chasanoff, collecting is about creating and mapping relationships between objects, as evidenced by his interest in databases and new digital tools to draw connections across media and time, including links between his work and the objects he has assembled. In addition to physical objects, visitors can explore Chasanoff’s databases and various collaborations via a technological display that is based on the artist’s studio. The Allan Chasanoff Classroom is open by appointment to individuals, classes, and groups of fewer than 15 people.

Richard Benson Classroom

Richard Benson Classroom

The Richard Benson Classroom holds a variety of works by Richard Benson (1943–2017), the renowned printer, photographer, artist, teacher, and former dean of the Yale School of Art. The classroom contains works that Benson printed for photographers Walker Evans, James Van Der Zee, and Paul Strand, as well as his prints of photographs in the Gilman Paper Company Collection. It also houses a wide array of Benson’s photographs, including multiple impression pigment prints and platinum palladium prints from his 1973 book Lay This Laurel. Monitors outfitted in the classroom allow visitors to view Benson’s digital photographic work and his lecture series on the history of printing technologies, The Printed Picture, delivered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2009. The Richard Benson Classroom is open by appointment to individuals, classes, and groups of fewer than 15 people.

Meet the Wurtele Study Center Manager

Roksana Filipowska

Roksana Filipowska, the Wurtele Study Center Programs and Outreach Manager, coordinates and develops all activities at the Wurtele Center, including class visits, collection processing, scholar appointments, tours, and exhibition planning. Roksana completed her PH.D. in art history at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. Prior to joining the Gallery, she worked at the Barnes Foundation, the Science History Institute, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.


Roksana Filipowska