Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing Archive and Study Center

A unique resource for scholars, conservators, curators, and artists, the Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing Archive and Study Center is part of the Department of Prints and Drawings. This digital archive of materials from Sol LeWitt’s original files includes working drawings, catalogues, reviews, interviews, correspondence, photographs, and videos. It also houses documentation of contemporary installations of the works worldwide, including the training of new draftspeople in the materials and methodology required to properly execute the wall drawings in accordance with LeWitt’s systems. The archive is dedicated to preserving the integrity of process and documentation in the realization of LeWitt’s wall drawings. It acts as the primary resource for materials and methods used in the installation of the wall drawings and for the training of draftspeople.

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Access to the LeWitt Wall Drawing Archive is available to qualified researchers by appointment. For more information and to schedule a visit, email

Two men on a mental scaffold installing Wall Drawing #681 E in the lobby.

Installation of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #681E in the Gallery’s lobby

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