A Selection of French Impressionist Paintings from the Yale University Art Gallery


Susan D. Greenberg
With a foreword by Robert L. Herbert

The Yale University Art Gallery has a rich collection of Impressionist paintings that includes such masterpieces as Paul Cézanne’s House of Dr. Gachet at Auvers (1872–73), Edgar Degas’s Ballet Rehearsal (ca. 1890), and Claude Monet’s Camille on the Beach at Trouville (1870). This publication illuminates the core of this collection, offering brief texts that establish the historic and aesthetic context of these and 14 other works. In the foreword to the catalogue, esteemed historian of 19th-century art Robert L. Herbert recalls 34 years of teaching at the Gallery, while Susan D. Greenberg’s introduction examines the popularity of Impressionism in the 21st century.