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    Collection Objects
    American Decorative Arts
    Designer probably: Frederick K. Kirsten, American, born Germany, 1885–1952
    Maker, probably by: Kirsten Pipe Company, Incorporated, founded 1936
    ca. 1939

    Aluminum, French briar (Erica arborea), and Vulcanite

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    20th century
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    Collection Objects
    Artist: Philip-Lorca diCorcia, American, born 1951, M.F.A. 1979
    Artist: Lois Conner, American, born 1951, M.F.A. 1981
    Artist: Anne Kornfeld, American, born 1962, M.F.A. 1986
    Artist: Gregory Crewdson, American, born 1962, M.F.A. 1988
    Artist: Dawoud Bey, American, born 1953, M.F.A. 1993
    Artist: Katy Grannan, American, born 1969, M.F.A. 1999
    Artist: Lisa Kereszi, American, born 1973, M.F.A. 2000
    Printer: Elizabeth Bick, American, M.F.A. 2013
    Artist: Timothy Feresten, American, born 1954, M.F.A. 1979
    Artist: Mary Frey, American, M.F.A. 1979
    Artist: Jacqueline Hayden, American, born 1950, M.F.A. 1979
    Artist: Robert Lyons, American, M.F.A. 1979
    Artist: Henry Cataldo, American, M.F.A. 1980
    Artist: Christine Gene Crescenzi, M.F.A. 1980
    Artist: Cathryn Griffin, American, M.F.A. 1980
    Artist: Joel Leivick, American, born 1951, M.F.A. 1980
    Artist: Stephen Scheer, American, M.F.A. 1980
    Artist: Robert A. Lisak, American, M.F.A. 1981
    Artist: Abelardo Morell, American, born Cuba, 1948, M.F.A. 1981
    Artist: Michael A. Smith, M.F.A. 1981
    Artist: Mary F. Tortorici, American, M.F.A. 1981
    Artist: Andrew Borowiec, American, born 1956, M.F.A. 1982
    Artist: Kathryn Brehe, American, M.F.A. 1982
    Artist: Patrick H. Burns, M.F.A. 1982
    Artist: Andrew Bush, American, born 1956, M.F.A. 1982
    Artist: Eric Paddock, American, born 1954, M.F.A. 1982
    Artist: Sergio Purtell, Chilean, M.F.A. 1982
    Artist: Sarah Raymond, American, M.F.A. 1982
    Artist: Aspasia Patti Anos, American, born 1958, M.F.A. 1983
    Artist: Thomas M. Brown, M.F.A. 1983
    Artist: Walter Dufresne, American, M.F.A. 1983
    Artist: Joe Lawton, American, born 1954, M.F.A. 1983
    Artist: Deborah A. Lesser, M.F.A. 1983
    Artist: Susan Lipper, American, born 1953, M.F.A. 1983
    Artist: Mark Lyon, American, born 1952, M.F.A. 1983
    Artist: Lori A. Blados, American, M.F.A. 1984
    Artist: Renee J. Cooley, M.F.A. 1984
    Artist: Barry M. Geltman, M.F.A. 1984
    Artist: Karen Alice Kemball, American, M.F.A. 1984
    Artist: Ruth M. Polishuk, American, M.F.A. 1984
    Artist: Anita D. Walsh, American, M.F.A. 1984
    Artist: Monika L. Andersson, M.F.A. 1985
    Artist: Michael A. Ayala, M.F.A. 1985
    Artist: Paul D’Amato, American, born 1956, M.F.A. 1985
    Artist: Edward A. Fausty, American, M.F.A. 1985
    Artist: Anne Marie Fishbein, American, born 1958, M.F.A. 1985
    Artist: Gary A. Henderson, M.F.A. 1985
    Artist: Andrea Modica, American, born 1960, M.F.A. 1985
    Artist: David J. Prifti, American, 1961–2011, M.F.A. 1985
    Artist: Jean Boyd, American, born 1958, M.F.A. 1986
    Artist: Dianne Dumais, American, born 1956, M.F.A. 1986
    Artist: Marc Luttrell, American, born 1958, M.F.A. 1986
    Artist: John Marcy, American, born 1952, M.F.A. 1986
    Artist: Mark Steinmetz, American, born 1961, M.F.A. 1986
    Artist: Lynn Hunter Whitney, American, born 1953, M.F.A. 1986
    Artist: Ken C. Abbott, American, born 1958, M.F.A. 1987
    Artist: Jane E. Axelrod, American, M.F.A. 1987
    Artist: Phillip W. Mosier, M.F.A. 1987
    Artist: Anderson B. Scott, American, M.F.A. 1987
    Artist: Dia Stolnitz, American, M.F.A. 1987
    Artist: Matthew J. Vega, M.F.A. 1987
    Artist: Mark W. Wood, M.F.A. 1987
    Artist: Michael Patrick Bach, American, born 1960, M.F.A. 1988
    Artist: Dornith Doherty, American, M.F.A. 1988
    Artist: Paola Ferrario, Italian, born 1963, M.F.A. 1988
    Artist: Hally F. Pancer, American, born 1961, M.F.A. 1988
    Artist: Constance J. Thalken, American, M.F.A. 1988
    Artist: Nancianne Marie Vizzini, M.F.A. 1988
    Artist: Marc Peter Adams, M.F.A. 1989
    Artist: Bokyung Choi, M.F.A. 1989
    Artist: Steven W. Giovinco, born 1961, M.F.A. 1989
    Artist: Antonio Gonzalez, M.F.A. 1989
    Artist: Gabrielle Russomagno, American, M.F.A. 1989
    Artist: Steven B. Smith, American, M.F.A. 1989
    Artist: Holly L. Wilder, American, M.F.A. 1989
    Artist: Marion Belanger, American, born 1957, M.F.A. 1990
    Artist: Craig P. Hofsess, American, M.F.A. 1990
    Artist: Margaret M. Kannan, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1990
    Artist: Justin Kimball, American, born 1961, M.F.A. 1990
    Artist: Tanya Marcuse, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1990
    Artist: William David Murray, American, M.F.A. 1990
    Artist: Katherine M. Turczan, American, born 1965, M.F.A. 1990
    Artist: Rebecca Abrams, American, M.F.A. 1991
    Artist: Mary Berridge, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1991
    Artist: Jennifer F. Edwards, American, M.F.A. 1991
    Artist: Thomas A. Hintz, American, M.F.A. 1991
    Artist: Laura Letinsky, Canadian, born 1962, M.F.A. 1991
    Artist: Jennette Williams, American, 1952–2017, M.F.A. 1991
    Artist: Steven Eric Ahlgren, American, M.F.A. 1992
    Artist: Yosefa Berenfield, M.F.A. 1992
    Artist: Charlotte Ivy Dixon, American, M.F.A. 1992
    Artist: Eve Fowler, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1992
    Artist: Rita J. Fusaro, M.F.A. 1992
    Artist: Evan G. Sklar, American, M.F.A. 1992
    Artist: Lida Suchy, M.F.A. 1992
    Artist: Sharyn Myra Altshuler, M.F.A. 1993
    Artist: Leonard Calabrese, M.F.A. 1993
    Artist: Hugo Fernandez, M.F.A. 1993
    Artist: Karen Jean Hill, American, M.F.A. 1993
    Artist: Veronica Susan Johnson
    Artist: An-My Lê, American, born Vietnam, 1960, M.F.A. 1993
    Artist: John Carter Pilson, American, M.F.A. 1993
    Artist: Patricia A. Reiff, M.F.A. 1993
    Artist: Erica Baum, American, born 1961, M.F.A. 1994
    Artist: Alexandra Brodsky, American, born 1969, M.F.A. 1994
    Artist: David Hilliard, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1994
    Artist: James Linehan, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1994
    Artist: Seth D. Rubin, M.F.A. 1994
    Artist: Carolyn Monastra, American, M.F.A. 1994
    Artist: Wendy E. Snauffer, M.F.A. 1994
    Artist: Eric Weeks, American, born 1965, M.F.A. 1994
    Artist: Christopher E. Beirne, M.F.A. 1995
    Artist: Anna Kristine Gaskell, American, born 1969, M.F.A. 1995
    Artist: Scott Joel Glushien, M.F.A. 1995
    Artist: Elzbieta S. Krajewsja, M.F.A. 1995
    Artist: Deborah Mesa-Pelly, American, born 1968, M.F.A. 1995
    Artist: Brian David Miller, American, born 1969, M.F.A. 1995
    Artist: Gretchen Sy So, Chinese, M.F.A. 1995
    Artist: Paul Turounet, American, M.F.A. 1995
    Artist: Patricia Castellanos, M.F.A. 1996
    Artist: Jennifer B. Gage, M.F.A. 1996
    Artist: Larry Gonzalez-Negron, M.F.A. 1996
    Artist: Panos Kokkinias, Greek, born 1965, M.F.A. 1996
    Artist: Shu-Fen Lin, M.F.A. 1996
    Artist: Thomas A. Lussier, American, M.F.A. 1996
    Artist: Brian T. Moriarty, American, M.F.A. 1996
    Artist: Sasha Bezzubov, M.F.A. 1997
    Artist: Laura Burns, M.F.A. 1997
    Artist: Alexandra Forman, M.F.A. 1997
    Artist: Dana Michelle Hoey, American, born 1966, M.F.A. 1997
    Artist: Eun Suk Joo, M.F.A. 1997
    Artist: Samantha Kim Salzinger, M.F.A. 1997
    Artist: Hans Hugo Soderquist
    Artist: Daniel Alexander Torop, M.F.A. 1997
    Artist: Gabriel Brandt, M.F.A. 1998
    Artist: Sharon Core, American, born 1965, M.F.A. 1998
    Artist: Justine Kurland, American, born 1969, M.F.A. 1998
    Artist: Malerie Marder, American, born 1971, M.F.A. 1998
    Artist: Scott Peterman, American, born 1968, M.F.A. 1998
    Artist: Lisa M. Roy, American, born 1974, M.F.A. 1998
    Artist: William G. Wendt, M.F.A. 1998
    Artist: Bess Wohl, M.F.A. 1998
    Artist: Allison Lee Davies, American, M.F.A. 1999
    Artist: Thomas Matthew Ducklo, American, born 1973, M.F.A. 1999
    Artist: Caleb O. Fey, American, M.F.A. 1999
    Artist: Nestor D. Portocarrero Jr., Cuban, born 1971, M.F.A. 1999
    Artist: Rebecca B. Sakoun, American, M.F.A. 1999
    Artist: Victoria Sambunaris, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1999
    Artist: Jessica Wynne, American, M.F.A. 1999
    Artist: Mateo Zapata Zachai, M.F.A. 1999
    Artist: Shannon Ebner, American, born 1971, M.F.A. 2000
    Artist: Barclay Todd Hughes, American, M.F.A. 2000
    Artist: Christopher Charles Miner, American, born 1973, M.F.A. 2000
    Artist: Katie Murray, American, born 1974, M.F.A. 2000
    Artist: Arthur Tsung-Han Ou, Taiwanese, born 1974, M.F.A. 2000
    Artist: Marc Anthony Raila, M.F.A. 2000
    Artist: Angela West, American, born 1970, M.F.A. 2000
    Artist: Gail Albert Halaban, American, born 1970, M.F.A. 1996

    Inkjet prints

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    20th century
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