The virtual display of African rock art projected onto the Louis Kahn stairwell, Yale University Art Gallery, showing Five Figures and an Antelope, Algeria, Illizi Province, Djanet district, Tin Tazarift site, Round Head period, 9000–6000 B.C.E. Pigment on rock. British Museum, London, Trust for African Rock Art, inv. no. 2013, 2034.4127. © TARA/David Coulson. Photo: David Coulson
March 22, 2021

Reinstalled African Art Galleries Feature Virtual Display of Rock Art

Breaking from a thematic arrangement of objects, the Laura and James J. Ross Gallery of African Art has been partially reinstalled, with works of art organized according to cultural group. It showcases a number of newly acquired textiles and focuses on works by identified artists.

As part of the new display, a series of mesmerizing photographs of African rock-art sites are being projected onto the convex exterior of the Louis Kahn–designed stairwell, transforming a once-neglected corner of the gallery into a “modernist cave” that brings to life some of Africa’s most ancient cultural heritage sites.