Selections from Seriously Funny: Caricature through the Centuries

War Bulletin. Latest News. Another Brewery Captured by the English Syndicate
Caricature of a Man Wearing a Large Hat
Three Monkeys Imitating the Laocoon (Caricature of the Laocoon)
T'as raison Gauthier, c'est encore nous qui payent les bels hôtels q'nous font pour eux (You're right, Gauthier, it's we who always have to pay for the fine hotels we build for them), no. 50 in the series Les Métamorphoses du Jour (Metamorphoses of Today)
Punchinello Feeding the Peacocks
John Bull Making a New Batch of Ships to send to the Lakes
Youth examining his stocking (Young Boy of the People), no. 16 in Recueil de caricatures
Jean-Francois de Troy, Director of the French Academy in Rome, no. 8 in Recueil de caricatures
An artist at the French Academy in Rome (?), no. 13 in Recueil de caricatures
Nicolas Bremont, cook at the French Academy in Rome, no. 14 in Recueil de caricatures
Quelques unes de nos bêtes de somme (Some of Our Beasts of Burden), no.70 from Les Métamorphoses du jour (Metamorphoses of Today)
Réunion de 35 têtes diverses (Reunion of 35 Different Heads)