Ancient Art
Artist, attributed to: Kleophrades Painter, Greek, Attic, ca. 505–475 B.C.

Panathenaic Prize Amphora: A: Athena, B: Four-horse chariot

ca. 490 B.C.

Terracotta, black-figure, with applied red and white

65.2 × 40 cm (25 11/16 × 15 3/4 in.)
diameter of mouth: 1.7 × 18.1 cm (11/16 × 7 1/8 in.)
preserved height: 49.5 cm (19 1/2 in.)
Gift of Frederic W. Stevens, B.A. 1858
The Panathenaic Games, held in Athens every four years in honor of Athena, featured athletic and musical competitions. This special amphora, filled with valuable olive oil, was given by the city to the winners. Athena strides between two columns on one side, while the event for which the prize was given—here, a four-horse chariot race—is shown on the reverse. The Greek inscription reads, “From the Games at Athens.”
On view
Greek, Attic
Late Archaic
Containers - Ceramics

Said to have come from Etruria; conservation treatment in Rome in 1837; probably ex collection J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913); ex collection Frederic W. Stevens (1839-1928)


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