Artist: Philip-Lorca diCorcia, American, born 1951, M.F.A. 1979
Artist: Lois Conner, American, born 1951, M.F.A. 1981
Artist: Anne Kornfeld, American, born 1962, M.F.A. 1986
Artist: Gregory Crewdson, American, born 1962, M.F.A. 1988
Artist: Dawoud Bey, American, born 1953, M.F.A. 1993
Artist: Katy Grannan, American, born 1969, M.F.A. 1999
Artist: Lisa Kereszi, American, born 1973, M.F.A. 2000
Printer: Elizabeth Bick, American, M.F.A. 2013
Artist: Timothy Feresten, American, born 1954, M.F.A. 1979
Artist: Mary Frey, American, M.F.A. 1979
Artist: Jacqueline Hayden, American, born 1950, M.F.A. 1979
Artist: Robert Lyons, American, M.F.A. 1979
Artist: Henry Cataldo, American, M.F.A. 1980
Artist: Christine Gene Crescenzi, M.F.A. 1980
Artist: Cathryn Griffin, American, M.F.A. 1980
Artist: Joel Leivick, American, born 1951, M.F.A. 1980
Artist: Stephen Scheer, American, M.F.A. 1980
Artist: Robert A. Lisak, American, M.F.A. 1981
Artist: Abelardo Morell, American, born Cuba, 1948, M.F.A. 1981
Artist: Michael A. Smith, M.F.A. 1981
Artist: Mary F. Tortorici, American, M.F.A. 1981
Artist: Andrew Borowiec, American, born 1956, M.F.A. 1982
Artist: Kathryn Brehe, American, M.F.A. 1982
Artist: Patrick H. Burns, M.F.A. 1982
Artist: Andrew Bush, American, born 1956, M.F.A. 1982
Artist: Eric Paddock, American, born 1954, M.F.A. 1982
Artist: Sergio Purtell, Chilean, M.F.A. 1982
Artist: Sarah Raymond, American, M.F.A. 1982
Artist: Aspasia Patti Anos, American, born 1958, M.F.A. 1983
Artist: Thomas M. Brown, M.F.A. 1983
Artist: Walter Dufresne, American, M.F.A. 1983
Artist: Joe Lawton, American, born 1954, M.F.A. 1983
Artist: Deborah A. Lesser, M.F.A. 1983
Artist: Susan Lipper, American, born 1953, M.F.A. 1983
Artist: Mark Lyon, American, born 1952, M.F.A. 1983
Artist: Lori A. Blados, American, M.F.A. 1984
Artist: Renee J. Cooley, M.F.A. 1984
Artist: Barry M. Geltman, M.F.A. 1984
Artist: Karen Alice Kemball, American, M.F.A. 1984
Artist: Ruth M. Polishuk, American, M.F.A. 1984
Artist: Anita D. Walsh, American, M.F.A. 1984
Artist: Monika L. Andersson, M.F.A. 1985
Artist: Michael A. Ayala, M.F.A. 1985
Artist: Paul D’Amato, American, born 1956, M.F.A. 1985
Artist: Edward A. Fausty, American, M.F.A. 1985
Artist: Anne Marie Fishbein, American, born 1958, M.F.A. 1985
Artist: Gary A. Henderson, M.F.A. 1985
Artist: Andrea Modica, American, born 1960, M.F.A. 1985
Artist: David J. Prifti, American, 1961–2011, M.F.A. 1985
Artist: Jean Boyd, American, born 1958, M.F.A. 1986
Artist: Dianne Dumais, American, born 1956, M.F.A. 1986
Artist: Marc Luttrell, American, born 1958, M.F.A. 1986
Artist: John Marcy, American, born 1952, M.F.A. 1986
Artist: Mark Steinmetz, American, born 1961, M.F.A. 1986
Artist: Lynn Hunter Whitney, American, born 1953, M.F.A. 1986
Artist: Ken C. Abbott, American, born 1958, M.F.A. 1987
Artist: Jane E. Axelrod, American, M.F.A. 1987
Artist: Phillip W. Mosier, M.F.A. 1987
Artist: Anderson B. Scott, American, M.F.A. 1987
Artist: Dia Stolnitz, American, M.F.A. 1987
Artist: Matthew J. Vega, M.F.A. 1987
Artist: Mark W. Wood, M.F.A. 1987
Artist: Michael Patrick Bach, American, born 1960, M.F.A. 1988
Artist: Dornith Doherty, American, M.F.A. 1988
Artist: Paola Ferrario, Italian, born 1963, M.F.A. 1988
Artist: Hally F. Pancer, American, born 1961, M.F.A. 1988
Artist: Constance J. Thalken, American, M.F.A. 1988
Artist: Nancianne Marie Vizzini, M.F.A. 1988
Artist: Marc Peter Adams, M.F.A. 1989
Artist: Bokyung Choi, M.F.A. 1989
Artist: Steven W. Giovinco, born 1961, M.F.A. 1989
Artist: Antonio Gonzalez, M.F.A. 1989
Artist: Gabrielle Russomagno, American, M.F.A. 1989
Artist: Steven B. Smith, American, M.F.A. 1989
Artist: Holly L. Wilder, American, M.F.A. 1989
Artist: Marion Belanger, American, born 1957, M.F.A. 1990
Artist: Craig P. Hofsess, American, M.F.A. 1990
Artist: Margaret M. Kannan, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1990
Artist: Justin Kimball, American, born 1961, M.F.A. 1990
Artist: Tanya Marcuse, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1990
Artist: William David Murray, American, M.F.A. 1990
Artist: Katherine M. Turczan, American, born 1965, M.F.A. 1990
Artist: Rebecca Abrams, American, M.F.A. 1991
Artist: Mary Berridge, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1991
Artist: Jennifer F. Edwards, American, M.F.A. 1991
Artist: Thomas A. Hintz, American, M.F.A. 1991
Artist: Laura Letinsky, Canadian, born 1962, M.F.A. 1991
Artist: Jennette Williams, American, 1952–2017, M.F.A. 1991
Artist: Steven Eric Ahlgren, American, M.F.A. 1992
Artist: Yosefa Berenfield, M.F.A. 1992
Artist: Charlotte Ivy Dixon, American, M.F.A. 1992
Artist: Eve Fowler, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1992
Artist: Rita J. Fusaro, M.F.A. 1992
Artist: Evan G. Sklar, American, M.F.A. 1992
Artist: Lida Suchy, M.F.A. 1992
Artist: Sharyn Myra Altshuler, M.F.A. 1993
Artist: Leonard Calabrese, M.F.A. 1993
Artist: Hugo Fernandez, M.F.A. 1993
Artist: Karen Jean Hill, American, M.F.A. 1993
Artist: Veronica Susan Johnson
Artist: An-My Lê, American, born Vietnam, 1960, M.F.A. 1993
Artist: John Carter Pilson, American, M.F.A. 1993
Artist: Patricia A. Reiff, M.F.A. 1993
Artist: Erica Baum, American, born 1961, M.F.A. 1994
Artist: Alexandra Brodsky, American, born 1969, M.F.A. 1994
Artist: David Hilliard, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1994
Artist: James Linehan, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1994
Artist: Seth D. Rubin, M.F.A. 1994
Artist: Carolyn Monastra, American, M.F.A. 1994
Artist: Wendy E. Snauffer, M.F.A. 1994
Artist: Eric Weeks, American, born 1965, M.F.A. 1994
Artist: Christopher E. Beirne, M.F.A. 1995
Artist: Anna Kristine Gaskell, American, born 1969, M.F.A. 1995
Artist: Scott Joel Glushien, M.F.A. 1995
Artist: Elzbieta S. Krajewsja, M.F.A. 1995
Artist: Deborah Mesa-Pelly, American, born 1968, M.F.A. 1995
Artist: Brian David Miller, American, born 1969, M.F.A. 1995
Artist: Gretchen Sy So, Chinese, M.F.A. 1995
Artist: Paul Turounet, American, M.F.A. 1995
Artist: Patricia Castellanos, M.F.A. 1996
Artist: Jennifer B. Gage, M.F.A. 1996
Artist: Larry Gonzalez-Negron, M.F.A. 1996
Artist: Panos Kokkinias, Greek, born 1965, M.F.A. 1996
Artist: Shu-Fen Lin, M.F.A. 1996
Artist: Thomas A. Lussier, American, M.F.A. 1996
Artist: Brian T. Moriarty, American, M.F.A. 1996
Artist: Sasha Bezzubov, M.F.A. 1997
Artist: Laura Burns, M.F.A. 1997
Artist: Alexandra Forman, M.F.A. 1997
Artist: Dana Michelle Hoey, American, born 1966, M.F.A. 1997
Artist: Eun Suk Joo, M.F.A. 1997
Artist: Samantha Kim Salzinger, M.F.A. 1997
Artist: Hans Hugo Soderquist
Artist: Daniel Alexander Torop, M.F.A. 1997
Artist: Gabriel Brandt, M.F.A. 1998
Artist: Sharon Core, American, born 1965, M.F.A. 1998
Artist: Justine Kurland, American, born 1969, M.F.A. 1998
Artist: Malerie Marder, American, born 1971, M.F.A. 1998
Artist: Scott Peterman, American, born 1968, M.F.A. 1998
Artist: Lisa M. Roy, American, born 1974, M.F.A. 1998
Artist: William G. Wendt, M.F.A. 1998
Artist: Bess Wohl, M.F.A. 1998
Artist: Allison Lee Davies, American, M.F.A. 1999
Artist: Thomas Matthew Ducklo, American, born 1973, M.F.A. 1999
Artist: Caleb O. Fey, American, M.F.A. 1999
Artist: Nestor D. Portocarrero Jr., Cuban, born 1971, M.F.A. 1999
Artist: Rebecca B. Sakoun, American, M.F.A. 1999
Artist: Victoria Sambunaris, American, born 1964, M.F.A. 1999
Artist: Jessica Wynne, American, M.F.A. 1999
Artist: Mateo Zapata Zachai, M.F.A. 1999
Artist: Shannon Ebner, American, born 1971, M.F.A. 2000
Artist: Barclay Todd Hughes, American, M.F.A. 2000
Artist: Christopher Charles Miner, American, born 1973, M.F.A. 2000
Artist: Katie Murray, American, born 1974, M.F.A. 2000
Artist: Arthur Tsung-Han Ou, Taiwanese, born 1974, M.F.A. 2000
Artist: Marc Anthony Raila, M.F.A. 2000
Artist: Angela West, American, born 1970, M.F.A. 2000
Artist: Gail Albert Halaban, American, born 1970, M.F.A. 1996

Tod Papageorge: A Yale Portfolio, 1979–2013, Volume I


Inkjet prints

image size varies; sheet: 28 x 43 cm (11 x 16 15/16 in.)
Gift of the Yale School of Art
20th century
Works on Paper - Photographs
By appointment

Printed for YUAG by the artist


“Acquisitions 2015,” (accessed December 1, 2015).

Note: This electronic record was created from historic documentation that does not necessarily reflect the Yale University Art Gallery’s complete or current knowledge about the object. Review and updating of such records is ongoing.