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Photo credit: Christopher Gardner
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Photo credit: Christopher Gardner
Ruler: L. Clodius Macer
Mint: Carthage

Denarius of L. Clodius Macer from Carthage

A.D. 68


4.09 g, 5:00, 17 mm
Ruth Elizabeth White Fund with the assistance of Ben Lee Damsky

Clodius Macer was a legate of Nero in North Africa; in A.D. 68 he revolted, raising or converting the legions under his command and renaming them, as indicated on the reverse of this coin, Liberatrix. He took inspiration from Galba’s revolt in Spain, but he never declared for him, and when Galba took power, he had Macer executed. In omitting a portrait of Macer and employing a type last seen on denarii of Marcus Antonius, Macer harkened back to Republican tradition, as did all the claimants to Nero’s throne.

Made in Carthage, Zeugitana
1st century A.D.

Ed Waddell, Frederick, Md., to 1995; Ben Lee Damsky, 1995–2007; Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Conn.


“Acquisitions, July 1, 2007–June 30, 2008,” Yale University Art Gallery Bulletin (2008): 192.

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