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    Ne voron'! (Not a Crow!)
    Ot takogo zapasa—ni moloka ni miasa (From This Supply There Is Neither Milk Nor Meat)
    Kazhdyi fasad—sad! (Every Facade Is a Garden!)
    Iz etikh strochek vyvod prostroi: rabochii, unichtozh' i gul'bu i prostoi! (From These Lines, the Take-Away Message Is Simple: Worker, Eliminate All Idleness and Downtime!)
    Za takoi "trud"—tovarishcheskii sud! (For This "Work"—the Burlaw Court!)
    P'ianstvo—vrag rabote liuboi; p'ianstvu—boi! (Drunkenness Is an Enemy to Any Kind of Work; Destroy Drunkenness!)
    Opomnites'! (Come To Your Senses!)
    V svoem dele byt' pervym! (Be the First in Your Case!)
    Ot darmoedstva truda luchshee sredstvo! (Labor Is the Best Remedy for Parasitism!)
    Slav'sia velikoe bratstvo narodov SSSR! (Glory to the Great Brotherhood of the Peoples of the USSR!)