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    1 maia—den' solidarnosti trudiashchikhsia vsego mira! (May 1st—Day of Solidarity among Working People of the Entire World!)
    KPSS—My govorim—Lenin, podrazumevaem—partiia, my govorim—partiia, podrazumevaem—Lenina. (CPSU—When We Say Lenin, We Mean the Party. When We Say the Party, We Mean Lenin.
    Traktoristy i kombainery! Umelo ispol'zuite tekhniku! (Tractor Drivers and Combine Operators! Use Techniques Skillfully!)
    Ratsionalizatsiia—put' k povysheniiu proizvoditel'nosti truda! (Rationalization Is the Path to Increasing the Productivity of Labor!)
    Grazhdane! Sobliudaite mery predostorozhnosti, ne narushaite pravila pol'zovaniia lodkami. (Citizens! Observe the Safety Measures and Do Not Break the Rules for Using the Boats.)
    Glavnaia zadacha v zemledelii (The Main Problem in Agriculture)
    Razvitie vostochnykh raionov strany (The Development of the Eastern Regions of the Country)
    Partiia um, chest' i sovest' nashei epokhi! (The Party Is the Intelligence, Honor and Conscience of Our Period!)
    Vsia vlast' Sovetam! (All Power to the Soviets!
), no. 1 of 5 from the series Lenin
    Sokhranim i vyrastim! (We Will Preserve and Nurture!)