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    Slava gorodam geroiam! (Glory to the hero cities!)
    Sokhranili pamiatniki kul'tury! (Let's save the monuments of culture!)
    Za mir i schast'e vo vsem mire! (For peace and happiness throughout the world!)
    Priravniala Rodina po pravu K ratnoi slave trudovuiu slavu! (The motherland rightfully equated labor glory to military glory!)
    Imia tvoe neizvestno. Podvit tvoi bessmerten. Pavshim za rodinu, 1941–1945 (Your name is unknown. Your deeds are immortal. To those who fell for the motherland, 1941–1945)
    Mir narodam! (Peace to the people!)
    Tvorit' dlia naroda, vo imia kommunizma! Iskusstvo prinadlezhit narodu (Create for the people, in the name of communism! Art belongs to the people)
    Ne pomerk net podvig (Heroic deeds do not fade)
    Vo imia zhizni (In the name of life)
    400 let russkoi pechatnoi knigi (400 years of the Russian printed book)