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    Cogida de un moro estando en la plaza (A Moor Caught by the Bull in the Ring), Plate 8 from La tauromaquia
    Un caballero español mata un toro despues de haber perdido el caballo (A Spanish Knight Kills the Bull after Having Lost his Horse), Plate 9 from La tauromaquia
    Carlos V. lanceando un toro en la plaza de Valladolid (Charles V Spearing a Bull in the Ring at Valladolid), Plate 10 from La tauromaquia
    El Cid Campeador lanceando otro toro (The Cid Campeador Spearing Another Bull), Plate 11 from La tauromaquia
    Un caballero español en plaza quebrando rejoncillos sin auxilio de los chulos (A Spanish Mounted Knight in the Ring Breaking Short Spears Without the Help of Assistants), Plate 13 from La tauromaquia
    El diestrísmo estudiante de Falces, embozado burla al toro con sus quiebros (The Very Skillful Student of Falces, Wrapped in his Cape, Tricks the Bull with the Play of his Body), Plate 14 from La tauromaquia
    El famoso Martincho poniendo banderillas al quiebro (The Famous Martincho Places the Banderillas Playing the Bull with the Movement of his Body), Plate 15 from La tauromaquia
    El mismo vuelca un toro en la plaza de Madrid (The Same Man Throws a Bull in the Ring at Madrid), Plate 16 from La tauromaquia
    Palenque de los moros hecho con burros para defenderse del toro embolado (The Moors Use Donkeys as a Barrier to Defend Themselves Against the Bull Whose Horns Have Been Tipped with Balls), Plate 17 from La tauromaquia
    Valor varonil de la célebre Pajuelera en la de Zaragoza (Manly Courage of the Celebrated Pajuelera in [the Ring] at Saragossa), Plate 22 from La tauromaquia