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    Impressions of 24 seals on paper
    Set of Seal Impressions, Depicting the Eight Immortals
    "Impressions of 8 seals, 2 side inscriptions"
    Impressions of 9 seals and 1 side inscription
    "Five Seal Impressions on a Circular Piece of Paper, with blank piece above awaiting for inscription by Bai Qianshen"
    Album of Seal Impressions
    Rubbing of a Carved Brick
    "Twelve Seal Squares and One Circular Seal Impression, with Inscription by the Artist dated xinwei (1991)"
    Impressions of 8 seals and rubbing of 1 side inscription
    Twelve Seal Impressions and Five Rubbings of Side Inscriptions, entitled by the artist and dated xin-wei (1991)"