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    12.04—Den' kosmonavtiki (12.04—Astronauts' Day)
    Nerushimoe edinstvo i bratskaia druzhba narodov SSSR—velikoe zavoevanie sotsializma (The unbreakable unity and fraternal friendship of the nations of the USSR is the great conquest of socialism)
    Uskorenie nauchno-tekhnicheskogo progressa—trebovanie zhizni (The acceleration of scientific and technical progress is a requirement of life
    Gde trud vysoko chtut, tam i byt ne zabyt! (Where labor is highly valued, life is also not forgotten!)
    40-letiiu pobedy—nash vdokhnovennyi trud! (Our inspired labor is for the 40th anniversary of Victory!)
    Chto otdal poliu—izmerish' khlebom. (What was returned to the field, measure with grain.)
    Beregite, khranite, kak zenitsu oka, zemliu, khleb, fabriki, orudiia, produkty, transport… V.I. Lenin (Look after and guard like the apple of your eye your land, bread, factories, tools, food, transportation... V. I. Lenin)
    "Pechat' dolzhna sluzhit' orudiem sotsialisticheskogo stroitel'stva…" V.I. Lenin ("The press should serve as an instrument of socialist construction..." V.I. Lenin)
    Chtoby zashchitit' vlast' rabochikh i krest'ian…nam nuzhna moguchaia krasnaia armiia. V.I. Lenin (In order to protect the power of the workers and the peasants...we need a powerful Red Army. V.I. Lenin
    Velikii oktiabr'—nachalo novoi ery chelovechestva (The Great October Revolution—the beginning of a new era for humanity)