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    Physical play competition
    Danshichi Kurobei from the series Heroic Commoners in Kabuki
    Act  X from the series The Storehouse of Loyal Retainers: Amakawaya Gihei sits on the trunk
    Oishi Yuranosuke Pretending to be Drunk, Act Seven from the series The Storehouse of Loyal Retainers
    Konoshita Sokichiro Turning a Mat into a Five colored Flag to Deceive the Enemy: No. 8 from the series Fifty four Scenes from the Story of Hideyoshi
    Uesugi Kenshin
    Taira Kiyomori Viewing the Sunset
    Beauty Contest of the Time
    Hakata Kocho
    Utsusemi from the series Lessons from the Genji