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    XXVI s"ezd KPSS (The 26th Congress of the CPSU)
    Bogatyriam—dorogu! (Heroes—this is the way!)
    "Zalataem seredinu" ("We're patching up the middle")
    Religioznoe vospitanie detei vedet k nervozam (The religious upbringing of children leads to neuroses)
    Proidut goda, nastupiat dni takie, kogda sovetskii trudovoi narod vot eti ruki, ruki molodye, rukami zolotymi nazovet! (The years will pass, and such days will come, when the Soviet working people will call these arms, young arms, with golden arms!)
    Desiat' zapovedei proletariia (The Ten Commandments of a Proletarian)
    Byt' vsegda vperedi! (Always be ahead!)
    Peterburg 1894–1897 g. Ssylka 1897–1900 g. Pervaia emigratsiia 1900–1905 g. (Petersburg, 1894–1897. Exile, 1897–1900. First Emigration, 1900–1905.)