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    Roman(?) landscape as seen from balcony (recto); Seascape (verso)
    Figure study for King Arthur's Round Table (recto); Figure study for The Departure (verso), from The Quest of the Holy Grail (a series of fifteen paintings for the Boston Public Library, completed in 1901)
    Untitled figure studies (recto and verso)
    Holyoke (recto); Sachem's Head (verso)
    Preparatory drawings for Mapping Spaces: Crater Bowl / Cross Section (recto and verso)
    Untitled [Red, Blue and White] (recto); Seated Male and Female Figures (verso)
    Untitled [Figure studies (recto); Abstract balloon shapes (verso)]
    Untitled sketches [Studies of mountains] (recto and verso)
    Untitled sketches [Chow Chow] (recto and verso)
    Theater scene (recto); Theater scene with pseudo-Asian calligraphy in margins (verso)