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    Two ladies and attendant in  rain
    Vesper Bells at Mii Temple (Mii no Bansho), From the Series: Omi Hakkei (8 Views of Lake Biwa), No. 4
    Shoki, the Demon Queller
    The Courtesans of the Chojiya: Itsutomi, Senzan, Misayama, Itotaki, and Oribae
    The Geisha Itsutomi: Selected Geishas from the Pleasure Quarters
    Two Actors in a Play
    Parody of the Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei
    Hotei crossing the river with a girl on his back
    Actor Sakata Hangoro II
    Two actors in a play, Yamashita Kinsaku II in female role and Onoye Matsusuke in male role