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    The Actor Nakamura Utaemon VI as the Courtesan Chitose Dayu
    Sukedakaya Kodenji II as Ono Kudayu in Act 7
    The Actor Onoe Kikugoro VII as the Spirit of the Spider from Tsuchigumo
    Actor Ichikawa Aragoro II directs
    Edo O Shibai Kaomise Kyogen so zachu Yorizome no zu (The first gathering of the actors prior to the Kaomise performance at the great theaters of Edo)
    Odawara, Sakawa River, from the series Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido
    Woman washing cloth by Mishima : Six Tama Rivers
    Woman washing clothes by the Chofu River: Six Tama Rivers
    Kyoka poet Imada Heyazumi
    Kyoka poet Honen Yukimaro