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    Untitled [Officer and suspect facing an official at police station]
    Minero de la plata (Silver Mine Worker), from the portfolio Mexican People
    Encadenado (Chained)
    Untitled [Group of Mexicans being restrained by an armed soldier]
    El clero y la prensa (The Clergy and the Press)
    Catalán calvo (Bald Catalan)
    Llamamiento a los jóvenes de México - Vicente Lombardo Toledano (Appeal to the Youth of Mexico - Vicente Lombardo Toledano)
    El Grupo "Franco L. Gomez" saluda al "Taller de Gráfica Popular" (The Group Franco L. Gomez greets the Taller de Gráfica Popular)
    Muerte y destrucción (Death and Destruction)
    Plan de once años (Eleven-Year Plan)