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    Slava geroiam truda! (Glory to labor heroes!)
    KPSS—boevoi otriad mirovogo kommunisticheskogo dvizheniia (CPSU—the combat unit of the global communist movement)
    Rabotniki transporta i sviazi! (Transportation and communication workers!)
    Da zdravstvuet 8 marta! (Long live the 8th of March!)
    Da zdravstvuet 30-ia godovshchina Velikoi Oktiabr'skoi sotsialisticheskoi revoliutsii! (Long Live the 30th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!)
    Da zdravstvuet VKP, partiia lenina-stalina vdokhnovitel' i organizator nashikh pobed! (Long Live the All-Union Communist Party, the Party of Lenin and Stalin, Inspirer and Organizer of Our Victories!)
    Leningrad v novoi piatiletke (Leningrad during the New Five-Year Plan)
    Dneprostroi (Construction of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station)
    Iunye bezbozhniki (Young Atheists)
    Na strazhe (On Guard)