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    Materi vsego mira, borites' za mir! (Mothers of the world, fight for peace!)
    Vybiraite v verkhovnyi sovet SSSR luchshikh synov i docherei nashego naroda! (Elect the best sons and daughters of our nation to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR!)
    Da zdravstvuet nepobedimoe znamia Lenina-Stalina! (Long live the invincible flag of Lenin and Stalin!)
    Elektrichestvo v derevne (Electrification in the countryside)
    Vstupai v doshkol'nyi pokhod. Vospitai kommunisticheskuiu smenu. Stroi novyi byt! (Join the preschool campaign. Bring about communist change. Build a new way of life.)
    Kursanty uchebnykh organizatsii DOSSAFF! (Enact the decisions of the 9th All-Union congress of DOSAAF!)
    Obysk v profsoiuze (A search at the union)
    Rasstrel rabochikh v 1905 g. (Execution of workers in 1905)
    Ee put' (Her path)
    Resheniia IX vsesoiuznogo s"ezda DOSAFF—v zhizni! (We will encact the decisions of the 9th All-Union Congress of DOSAAF)