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    Liubimyi Stalin—schast'e narodnoe! (Beloved Stalin—The People's Happiness!)
    My trebuem mira, no esli tronete… V. Maiakovskii (We Demand Peace, but If You Provoke... V. Mayakovsky)
    V den' vyborov v verkhovnyi sovet SSSR (On the Day of the Elections for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR)
    Privet narodam, boriushchimsia za pobedu demokratii i sotsializma! (Greetings to the People Fighting for the Victory of Democracy and Socialism!)
    Sotsialisticheskaia sobstvennost' na orudiia i sredstva proizvodstva utverzhdena, kak nezyblemaia osnova nashego sovetskogo obshchestva. I. Stalin (The Socialist Ownership of the Means of Production Has Been Established as the Foundation of Our Unshakeable Soviet Society. I. Stalin)
    Slava geroiam truda! (Glory to labor heroes!)
    KPSS—boevoi otriad mirovogo kommunisticheskogo dvizheniia (CPSU—the combat unit of the global communist movement)
    Rabotniki transporta i sviazi! (Transportation and communication workers!)
    Da zdravstvuet 8 marta! (Long live the 8th of March!)
    Dolg deputata zabotit'sia o blage naroda! (The duty of a deputy is to care for the welfare of the people!)