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    Druzhba naveki (Everlasting Friendship)
    Slava geroiam truda! (Glory to the Heroes of Labor!
    S novym godom! K novym uspekham! (Happy New Year! To New Victories!)
    S prazdnikom, druz'ia! (Happy Holiday, Friends!)
    Masterstvu uchit'sia—vsegda prigoditsia! (Study a Skill—You Will Always Be Useful!)
    Nash put'—v kommunizm! (Our Path—to Communism!)
    Zaderzhat' prestupnika—tvoi dolg! (Arresting Criminals Is Your Duty!)
    Chislo shkol do 193 tys., a chislo uchashchikhsia do 31 800 tys. (The Number of Schools Is Up To 193,000, and the Number of Students Is Up To 31,800,800)
    Moia detal' prochna, tochna prosluzhit rodine ona! (My Job Is Strong and Precise. It Will Serve the Motherland!)
    Ne voron'! (Not a Crow!)