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    Velikii sovetskii narod stroit kommunizm! (The great soviet people will build communism!
), no. 4 of 5 from the series Lenin
    Da zdravstvuet mirovaia sistema sotsializma! (Long live the world system of socialism!
), no. 5 of 5 from the series Lenin
    Na strazhe mira i truda (Guarding Peace and Labor)
    Sovetskoe—znachit otlichnoe! (Soviet means excellence!)
    Revoliutsionnyi derzhite shag! (Keep a revolutionary pace!
    Tekhniku—na lineiku gotovnosti! (Machinery—on the line of preparedness!
    Nado nam trudu uchit'sia—delo mastera boitsia! (We Need to Be Taught to Work—the Task Is Afraid of the Master!)
    Truzheniki sela! (Village Workers!)