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    Esli ia do pensii khorosho rabotaiu, pensiiu khoroshuiu budu poluchat' (If I work well until retirement, I will receive a good pension), from the series Agit-plakat
    Vragov polei my vziali v oborot—ikh agrokhimiia s litsa zemli sotret! (We have scolded the enemies of the fields—But agricultural chemistry will wipe them from the face of the earth!
), from the series Agit-plakat
    Odin den' na uborke prostoial—zerna 3 puda na gektare poterial (Idle for one day and you'll lose three poods of grain per hectare at harvest
), from the series Agit-plakat
    Platu nachisliaet urozhai—sdelal bol'she—bol'she poluchai! (Harvest charges a fee—do more, receive more!), from the series Agit-plakat
    K parlamentam, pravitel'stvam, politicheskim partiiam i narodam mira (To parliaments, governments, political parties and people of the world)
    Vse ponimaet, chto Fedot rabote pol'zy ne daet (Everyone understands that Fedot does not put much effort into his work), from the series Agit-plakat
    Net khuliganam opravdan'ia! A vypil—strozhe nakazan'e! (There is no justification for hooligans! And drunks must be severely punished!), from the series Agit-plakat
    Khuliganit gromila otpetyi, zasoriaet on vozdukh planety (The incorrigible destructive bully is clogging the atmosphere), from the series Agit-plakat
    I ia, kak vesnu chelovechestva, rozhdennuiu v trudakh i boiu, poiu moe otchestvo, respubliku moiu! V. Maiakovskii (And I, like the spring of humanity, born in labours and in struggle, sing my homeland, my republic! V. Mayakovsky), from the series Agit-plakat
    On znaet tol'ko plan (He only knows the plan
), from the series Agit-plakat