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    Veduta del tempio esastilo perittero dalla parte di mezzo giorno (View of the Peripteral Hexastyle Temple from the South), from Antichità di Pesto (Antiquities of Paestum)
    Della Magnificenza Bound with Osservazioni, Parere, and Della introduzione (On the Splendor and Architecture of the Romans Bound with Observations...,Opinions, and Introduction)
    Macbeth consultant les sorcières (Macbeth Consulting the Witches), from Shakespeare's Macbeth
    Cheval sauvage (Wild Horse)
    Grottes d'Osselles: Les Orgues (Osselles Caves: The Organs)
    Grottes d'Osselles: Le Tombeau (Osselles Caves: The Tomb)
    Grottes d'Osselles: La chaire à prêcher (Osselles Caves: The Pulpit)
    Matthew Brady Contemplating Lake Superior
    Pergusa Three