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    Uskorenie nauchno-tekhnicheskogo progressa—trebovanie zhizni (The Acceleration of Scientific and Technical Progress—A Requirement of Life
    Kak nevestu, rodinu [my liubim, berezhem, kak laskovuiu mat’] (We Love Our Homeland Like a Bride, We Defend Her Like a Gentle Mother)
    Dlia vas, podrugi! (For You, My Friends!)
    Bol'she, raznoobraznee, vkusnee! (More, More Varied, More Delicious!)
    Za mir v kosmose i na zemle! (For Peace in Space and on Earth!)
    Strogo vypolniat' sovetskie zakony i voinskie ustavy! (Comply Strictly with Soviet Laws and Military Regulations!)
    Golosuia za kandidatov bloka kommunistov i bespartiinykh . . . (By Voting for the Candidates of the Communist and Non-Partisan Bloc . . . )
    Zabota o molodniake—zalog bol'shogo pogolov'ia (Caring for Your Animals Is Essential for a Large Herd)
    Bol'shevizm sushchestvuet, kak techeniia politicheskoi mysli i kak politicheskaia partiia, s 1903 goda (Bolshevism Has Existed as a Current of Political Thought and as a Political Party since 1903)
    "Pechat' dolzhna sluzhit' orudiem sotsialisticheskogo stroitel'stva . . . " V.I. Lenin ("The Press Should Serve as an Instrument of Socialist Construction . . . " V.I. Lenin)