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    Veliko rasstoianie, no blizki nashi serdtsa! (Separated by great distance, but our hearts are close!)
    Vstupaite v sostiazanii s nashego Riazan'iu! (Enter into competition with our Ryazan!)
    Mir—mai (Peace—May)
    Imia tvoe neizvestno. Podvit tvoi bessmerten. Pavshim za rodinu, 1941–1945 (Your name is unknown. Your deeds are immortal. To those who fell for the motherland, 1941–1945)
    Boris' za pochetnoe zvanie! (Fight for the honorary title!)
    Univermag—bol'she tovarov khoroshikh i raznykh! (Department store—more good and varied products!)
    Trudovye pobedy—tebe, Pervomai! (Labor victories are for you, May day!)
    Za takoi "trud"—tovarishcheskii sud! (For this "work"—the burlaw court!)
    V svoem dele byt' pervym! (Be the first in your case!)
    Vsia vlast' Sovetam! (All power to the Soviets!
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