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    Lenin. Oktiabr' (Lenin. October)
    Pobeda oktiabria—glavnoe sobytie XX veka (The Victory of October—the main event of the 20th century)
    Esli vyros kolos tuchnyi, v rezul'tate vsekh zabot, znachit istinno nauchnyi byl proiavlen zdes' pokhod (If as a result of this care, a healthy stalk grows, then a truly scientific approach was used)
    Kosmicheskie orbity pentagona (Space orbits of the Pentagon)
    Mir domu tvoemu! (The world is your home!)
    Vo imia zhizni. 1941-1945 (In the name of life. 1941-1945)
    Zashchitite mir! (Protect the earth!)
    Eto ne dolzhno povtorit'sia! (This must not happen again!), no. 2 of 3 from the series Eto ne dolzhno povtorit'sia! (This must not happen again!)
    Mir (Peace), no. 1 of 2 from the series Proletarii soediniaites'! (Proletariats unite!)