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    Slava nashim shakhteram! (Glory to our miners!)
    Ne voron'! (Not a crow!)
    Slavnye sokoly goroda Lenina (The Glorious Falcons of the city of Lenin)
    Kazhdyi fasad—sad! (Every facade is a garden!)
    Net nichego vyshe, kak zvanie chlena partii Lenina-Stalina (There is nothing greater than the title of member of Lenin and Stalin's Party!)
    Da zdravstvuet 1 maia (Long live the 1st of May)
    Stalinskuiu piatiletku perevypolnim! (We will surpass Stalin's Five-Year Plan!)
    Da zdravstvuet V.K.P.(B)—partiia Lenina-Stalina (Long live the All-Union Communist Party (of Bolsheviks))
    Progul'shchikam i p'ianitsam pozor! (Shame on slackers and drunkards!)
    1 maia—den' solidarnosti trudiashchikhsia vsego mira! (May 1st—Day of solidarity among working people of the entire world!)