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    My shagaem v pervyi klass, vsia strana gliadit na nas! (We are starting first grade and the whole country is looking at us!)
    Chislo shkol do 193 tys., a chislo uchashchikhsia do 31 800 tys. (The number of schools is up to 193,000, and the number of students is up to 31,800,800)
    Molodye stroiteli kommunizma! Vpered, k novym uspekham v trude i uchebe! (Young builders of communism! Forward, towards new victories in labor and study!)
    Moia detal' prochna, tochna prosluzhit rodine ona! (My part is strong and accurate. It will serve the motherland!)
    Slava nashim shakhteram! (Glory to our miners!)
    Ne voron'! (Not a crow!)
    Slavnye sokoly goroda Lenina (The Glorious Falcons of the city of Lenin)
    Kazhdyi fasad—sad! (Every facade is a garden!)
    Net nichego vyshe, kak zvanie chlena partii Lenina-Stalina (There is nothing greater than the title of member of Lenin and Stalin's Party!)
    Da zdravstvuet 1 maia (Long live the 1st of May)