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    Nerushimoe edinstvo i bratskaia druzhba narodov SSSR—velikoe zavoevanie sotsializma (The unbreakable unity and fraternal friendship of the nations of the USSR is the great conquest of socialism)
    Uskorenie nauchno-tekhnicheskogo progressa—trebovanie zhizni (The acceleration of scientific and technical progress is a requirement of life
    Dlia vas, podrugi! (For you, my friends!)
    Bol'she, raznoobraznee, vkusnee! (More, more varied, more delicious!)
    Za mir v kosmose i na zemle! (For peace in space and on earth!)
    Strogo vypolniat' sovetskie zakony i voinskie ustavy! (Comply strictly with Soviet laws and military regulations!)
    Golosuia za kandidatov bloka kommunistov i bespartiinykh… (By voting for the candidates of the Communist and non-partisan bloc...)
    Zabota o molodniake—zalog bol'shogo pogolov'ia (Caring for your animals is essential for a large herd)
    Bol'shevizm sushchestvuet, kak techeniia politicheskoi mysli i kak politicheskaia partiia, s 1903 goda (Bolshevism has existed as a current of political thought and as a political party since 1903)
    "Pechat' dolzhna sluzhit' orudiem sotsialisticheskogo stroitel'stva…" V.I. Lenin ("The press should serve as an instrument of socialist construction..." V.I. Lenin)