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    Mother brings baby with her to the cafe. This is a frequent sight in Paris especially as a consequence of the French law prohibiting parents from leaving children unguarded in the house.
    A French soldier is not too proud to kiss his girl in public, even when he is wearing his uniform
    Cafes are a Landmark of Paris Life; Selling etchings, Montparnasse Cafes
    French people spend a comparatively great part of their income on meals. These two patrons having their lunch on the terrace f a rather expensive cafe sell flowers in front of another cafe near the Porte de Versailles
    'Thanks ever so much for the nice ride.' And before climbing down from her pillion seat, she gives her friend a hearty kiss.
    Croquet, Luxembourg Gardens, Paris
    Fat Men's Club; Some of the Members leaving for a Sunday party
    Chinese Man and French Girl, Latin Quarter
    Croquet, Luxembourg Gardens, Paris
    A typical French couple of a sidewalk cafe. He is looking at the passers-by, while Madame is making up