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    Bei, koli, goni, beri v polon! A. Suvorov (Hit Them, Strike Them, Chase Them, Take It to the Full! A. Suvorov)
    Khraniu pokoi strany rodinoi! (I Preserve the Peace of My Homeland!)
    Otomsti! (Avenge Us!)
    Da zdravstvuet nasha derzhava—otchizna velikikh idei! (Long Live Our Power—The Homeland of Great Ideas!)
    Vrag kovaren—bud' na-cheku! (The Enemy Is Cunning—Be on Your Guard!)
    Krepi soiuz nauki i truda! (Strengthen the Union of Science and Labor!)
    Bol'she ovoshchei i fruktov Rodine! (More Fruits and Vegetables for the Motherland!)
    Nerushimoe edinstvo i bratskaia druzhba narodov SSSR—velikoe zavoevanie sotsializma (The Unbreakable Unity and Fraternal Friendship of the Nations of the USSR Is the Great Conquest of Socialism)
    Dlia vas, podrugi! (For You, My Friends!)
    Golosuia za kandidatov bloka kommunistov i bespartiinykh . . . (By Voting for the Candidates of the Communist and Non-Partisan Bloc . . . )