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    "Pechat' dolzhna sluzhit' orudiem sotsialisticheskogo stroitel'stva…" V.I. Lenin ("The press should serve as an instrument of socialist construction..." V.I. Lenin)
    Budushchee prinadlezhit kommunizmu! (The future belongs to communism!)
    My obeshchaem rabochim i krest'ianam sdelat' vse dlia mira. I my eto sdelaem. V.I. Lenin (We promise the workers and the peasants to do everything for peace. And we will do this. V. I. Lenin)
    Untitled [Lenin]
    Untitled [Lenin]
    V. I. Lenin
    Delu Lenina verny! (We are true to Lenin's cause!)
    Tsel'—vysokii urozhai, chto poseiat'—sam reshai! (The goal is a large harvest, but decide for yourself how much to plant!), from the series Agit-plakat
    Sozdateli mashin! Segodnia delo chesti—idti vpered, a ne stoiat' na meste. (Makers of vehicles! Today this is a matter of honor—Go forward, rather than standing still.
), from the series Agit-plakat
    Podaite novuiu tekhniku… (Please give us new technology...), from the series Agit-plakat