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    Pri remonte sudna trebuite ustroistva prochnykh i bezopasnykh lesov i nastilov (During the vessel's repair, demand the construction of durable and safe scaffolding and decking)
    s/khoz. Kommuna Molot'ba (Threshing on the communal farm
    Neft' (Oil)
    Staleliteinyi tekh. Zavod "serp i molot" (A steel shop. The "Hammer and Sickle" Factory)
    Angliiskie uglekopy (British Coalminers)
    Volzhskaia flotiliia pod Tsaritsynom (The Volga Fleet near Tsaritsyn)
    Rabochaia ekskursiia na Dneprostroi (A workers' tour of the Dnieprostroi)
    Mashina v pole (Machine in the field)
    Gosudarstvennyi flag, greb, gimn sovetskogo soiuza (The National Flag, Crest and Anthem of the Soviet Union)
    Untitled [National anthem of the USSR]