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    Pobeda oktiabria—glavnoe sobytie XX veka (The Victory of October—the main event of the 20th century)
    Esli vyros kolos tuchnyi, v rezul'tate vsekh zabot, znachit istinno nauchnyi byl proiavlen zdes' pokhod (If as a result of this care, a healthy stalk grows, then a truly scientific approach was used)
    Rabotai, uchis' i zhivi dlia naroda, sovetskoi strany pioner! (Soviet Pioneer, work, study and live for the people!)
    Kosmicheskie orbity pentagona (Space orbits of the Pentagon)
    Mir domu tvoemu! (The world is your home!)
    Vo imia zhizni. 1941-1945 (In the name of life. 1941-1945)
    Zashchitite mir! (Protect the earth!)
    Eto ne dolzhno povtorit'sia! (This must not happen again!), no. 2 of 3 from the series Eto ne dolzhno povtorit'sia! (This must not happen again!)
    Ne voevat'! Sotrudnichat' i sozidat'! (Don't fight! Cooperate and build!)