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    U.S.S. Frigate "Hudson" under shortened sail in a strong wind
    Privateer Brig. "General Armstrong" burning a prize (starboard view), moderate sea
    The "Decatur" and "Dominica" in moderate gale (port view)
    Brigantine "Polly" off Newburyport, attacked by Barbary Pirates
    U.S.S. Brig. "Somers" with convoy, moderate breeze, (port view)
    U.S.S. "Independence" 1814, in strong breeze, heavy swell (starboard view)
    U.S.S. 'St. Lawrence" (starboard view)
    U.S.S. Brig. "Porpoise" (under full sail, port view)
    French Flush Deck Frigate
    The Frigate "New Hazard", 1809, 281 tons