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    Johnny Walker, The Champion of the Light Weights
    The Last Milling Match Between Cribb and Molineaux, September 28th, 1811
    Bendigo.  (Wm. Thompson, Champion of  England.)
    Deaf Burke
    The Bruiser Bruis'd: Or, the Knowing-Ones Taken-in: colored According to Act, 1750.  Vain-Glory should & Coxcombs known:/The Knowing-ones here thought to Gull the Town./In diff'rnet Modes are England's Fools display'd/Some strut in Rags, some flutter
    William Howitt, / celebrated as "Jackson, the American Deer"
    George Seward, the American Wonder, Champion of England & America
    Cricket 1826
    The Cricket Match, Tonbridge School
    The Great Fight/ between Tom Hyer & Yankee Sullivan, for $10,000